Photo Credits

Local Color

For decades, Detroit has been home to many of the world’s best commercial and fine art photographers, as well as many innovative artists. While the names are familiar within our creative community, others are more likely to have seen their work featured in advertising for legendary brands, or as the subject of prominent museum exhibitions. We thank each of them for graciously sharing their work with us, and for the uplifting images they have created to show the heritage and power of our community’s creative revival.

Chris Arace

Chris Arace has spent 10 years working as a designer and art director in Detroit. When his father bought the family a digital single-lens reflex camera for Christmas, Arace quickly took to it and the freedom and limitless creativity it offered for showcasing the world. “Looking through the lens, reminds me of how blessed we all are to have one another.” Arace shoots for various ad agencies, works for the Pure Michigan campaign (often on location) and lends his own perspective and style to weddings worldwide.

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Jim Haefner

Jim Haefner has been involved with the worldwide automotive industry for over 30 years. His awards span decades, attesting to the advertising industry’s respect for his skill and ability to find the beauty in every assignment. Jim’s work reveals his love for the romantic shapes of Detroit’s classic era and modern image precision that examines even the finest details. These photographs are a result of his interest in the significant architecture of Detroit and his efforts to produce a book examining exquisite vehicles from a designer’s perspective.

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Eric Perry

Eric Perry is a Detroit area-based photographer who is one of our creative community’s most versatile shooters. Eric not only sees the subject, he sees inside the subject to find its most compelling expressions. From carefully crafted commercial photography that demands laser precision, to finding beauty in the wreckage of a lost city, Perry translates the stories with emotional fidelity and technical craftsmanship.

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Rick Malt

Malt is a self-taught artist, living and working in Metro Detroit. Blending graffiti and aerosol techniques with his signature acrylic style, Malt takes an abstract spin on traditional landscapes and the characters that inhabit the psychedelic backdrops. The juxtaposition of forest birds, trees, growth/decay and strength/weakness is what keeps things fresh and habitually interesting in Malt's work. Malt strives to bridge the gap from his engaging public murals to concise studio explorations, sometimes breaking his signature owls down to their most abstract.

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Tom Roche

Tom Roche is an award-winning commercial photographer based out of Detroit. Tom began his career shooting for the student newspaper at his Colorado boarding school. Realizing his talents were in photography and not mathematics, Tom was never again without a camera. Inspired further by the gift of shoeboxes loaded with unprocessed color film from an uncle at a Detroit newspaper, Tom has since gone on to shoot thousands of projects, from architecture to automobiles to high fashion.

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