Why Millennials Aren’t Responding to Your Mailer


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Millennials are the newest consumer powerhouse and a great way to reach Millennials is using direct mail. While you may already be using this approach, maybe your mailer (and response rate) is coming up short. Why might your direct mail not be as effective as you’d like when targeting Millennials? We outline three major reasons below.

Did you offer a way for the recipient to purchase online? If not, consider doing so. We recently read a staggering statistic that notes “84% of Millennials prefer to respond to a direct mailer by visiting a company’s website” . There’s really nothing else to say after reading a statistic like that– purchases must be made available online. If this is not an option, you are losing out on what is quickly becoming a good majority of the consumer population.

Is your website mobile compatible?
Now that you’ve made your product available online, did you make your site mobile compatible? Another statistic you might find surprising is that 60% of survey respondents stated they used their smartphones for mobile shopping. So, while you may have been thinking Millennials were buying online with a laptop or desktop, the reality is they are often using a mobile device. If you think that these mobile purchases are just during random occasions, a study found that 61% of Millennials purchase something on mobile at least once a month . Don’t miss out on these sales! Ensure your site is optimized for mobile devices.

Does your Mailer Make a Connection?
Millennials tend to be more open to companies with which they connect. Use your mailer to garner this connection. Is your company a nonprofit? Is your company environmentally friendly? Does your company donate proceeds to or help the community in other ways? Express these things. Millennials like to feel they are helping the community, not just helping a company earn more money. If you’ve thought maybe direct mail isn’t for you and you can make a connection without a mailer, you might reconsider. Studies have shown that “70 percent of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet.”

While it’s still important to reach other age groups, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that for success, you must reach Millennials. Click here to contact us at Allied for help with your mailer.

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