Knowing When to Mail!


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We often talk about the importance of mailing to the correct recipients but perhaps we haven’t talked about importance of timing your mailer. In every industry, there are good and bad times to target prospective customers; below are some tips and tricks about best practices for direct mail timing.

While we have talked at great length about the benefits direct mail offers during holidays, there are some industries where this trend does not apply, and one of them is financial planning. This notion specifically applies to the months of November and December. Why? The answer is actually pretty obvious: families may not have extra money to invest in their distant future when the holidays roll around because they are busy spending money on gifts, traveling to visit loved ones, or other holiday needs. Instead, wait until after the holidays and consider sending mailings in the beginning of the year when families are considering new budgets and costs for the upcoming year or years ahead.

It’s important to be ahead of the game, and more importantly, your competition. You don’t want to send a mailer to someone who just had the service you provide completed by another company a week prior. While it’s impossible to completely prevent, try and anticipate when your services are needed. For example, plumbers may be needed in late winter because it’s the coldest time of the year and pipes may burst, so, try sending a mailer in January before your services are needed, with the hopes that your name will be remembered in a time of need.

The same goes for lawn companies and garden suppliers. For most, in the spring months the weather is breaking and homeowners are beginning to think about what needs to be done on the outside of their homes. Try sending mailers in the very beginning of the season or just before planting season to pique interest and get prospects envisioning their perfect outdoor oasis! Mailing in the summer season might be too late for new business because many consumers have already begun adding to and maintaining their yards. Pictures of lush lawns and beautiful flowers are sure to boost response rates, as well as incorporating coupons and discounts.

While the time of the year might be imperative for some industries, others don’t experience seasonal success in their mailings. An example is the real estate industry, which is currently booming and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Homes are being sold almost as quickly as they are listed, which means no matter the timing, your mailers can be effective – don’t miss any opportunities.

If the best and worst times are less apparent in your industry, try mailing during every season and track and measure the results to see where you experience the greatest response. Take the results and use them going forward to ensure the best return on your marketing investment! For more information or help on your next mailer, please click here to see how we can help!

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