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If you’re anything like me, or a lot of the population for that matter, your phone is constantly binging with notifications of new email. While as a society are more and more reliant on digital media, we are also beginning to ignore many aspects of it. It’s for this reason, among many others, why you should consider using Direct Mail rather than or at the very least, in addition to, digital marketing.

So, how many of these emails do you read and how much of the email can you recall? Probably not too much! This is because our brains are wired for print, so to speak. After receiving a direct mail offer, consumers can recall the brand 75% of the time; however, consumers who received a digital-only advertisement were only able to recall the brand 44% of the time. That means that your brand has almost double the odds of being recalled by a prospect if you use direct mail.

While many marketers were calling for the “death” of direct mail, companies decided to scale back on their direct mail efforts. With fewer marketers using direct mail, the odds of your mailer being opened increase because there is less competition in the mailbox, creating more of an opportunity for your mailer to be read. Perhaps after staring at a computer or cell phone screen for hours and hours, this physical piece of mail is exactly what consumers need. This could be why DMA research has found that approximately 56% of Americans say receiving mail is a real pleasure.

Direct mail is so powerful due to its tangibility, which email lacks. Consumers MUST pick up their mail and sift through it to decide what they’d like to keep or discard. Sure, there’s a chance that your marketing piece can be instantly put in the trash but the prospect must pick it up and look at it, just to get it into the recycling bin. These extra steps get you a whole lot further than an email that is deleted as fast as it was received. In fact, 70% to 80% of consumers polled by the DMA in 2014 say they open most of their mail, including what they label “junk.”

Lastly, if you want your prospects to purchase more, direct mail can help achieve this. A study by USPS revealed that direct mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more than non-direct mail recipients.

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