Common Mistakes Part 2


The holiday is over and it’s back to business! This week’s blog takes us to “Common Mistakes Part Two,” which discusses some more common mistakes within mailers. Check them out below to ensure that you aren’t making any of these mistakes with your direct mail marketing!

Not Speaking Directly to Your Prospects
Your prospects should feel as if you are talking directly to them and addressing their specific needs. To do this, you should personalize your mailings! Put their name in the copy or use a personalized offer with a PURL—the more personalized the mailer, the more likely you are to develop a relationship with your prospects and gain them as customers. Using general language with an impersonal message can wreak havoc on the results from your mailings.

Not Testing Regularly

Mailings should be tested! This doesn’t just go for underperforming mailers; even when something is extremely successful, it’s important to know why and how it can be made even better. Try using different fonts, colors and sizes; see what seems to catch the prospect’s eye. Different offers might work better with different demographics – test and see! There are so many different things that can impact your mailer’s results. By not testing, you could be missing out on increased ROI and a better view into the minds of your prospects.

Not Having an Offer!

Are you giving your prospects a reason to respond to your mailer? Sure, a piece of mail with your logo and product information might introduce your brand to the masses but is it enough to get someone to respond? The answer may be “no.” If there is no sense of urgency, a prospect has no reason to act on your mailer at that given time – you’ll have to hope that when they do need something that matches your brand’s products and services, they remember it. Instead, consider sending an offer that gets your prospect to act NOW! Make your off so enticing that prospects can’t seem to pass it up and even though they could probably wait, why would they want to with an offer so great?

Hopefully you find this information helpful in maximizing the impact of your direct mail. For any assistance with your mailer or to get started on your future direct mail campaign, please click here to contact Allied!

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