Common Mistakes Part 1


Time and time again we are posting about the benefits of direct mail and how effective it can be. This is most certainly true but of course, your direct mail campaign has to be done correctly for the best results. For the next few weeks we will be going over some of the most common mistakes made in direct mail campaigns. Please read below to check out the first 3…

Saving the offer for last
A lot of times companies think they should “save the best for last.” While this may be true in other instances, this is not the case for direct mail. When using direct mail, you have only a very few seconds before you lose the attention of the recipient, so it’s necessary to include the offer in the very beginning. Let the reader know what is in it for them upfront so that you don’t lose their attention!

Using the Wrong List
Are you using a list you had from a previous direct mail campaign? If so, does it match the demographics of the market you want to target now? The answer to this question should always be yes. If the offer does not suit the mailing list, the likelihood of gaining customers is very small. Another problem with lists is that they are often purchased from an outside source. These lists can have incorrect names or addresses and should always be double checked for accuracy. Remember, the best list for your company to use is your house list; the list that you have of consumers who are current customers or have purchased from you in the past. Reach out to them to gain repeat customers!

Poor Follow Up
Do you have your follow up ready? Many times, companies do not have a follow up in place and miss their opportunity to gain customers. Although you may think that the direct mail piece should be enough to gain a new customer or garner a repeat customer, a follow up is usually needed. Whether it is another direct mail piece or phone call, not following up can result in a wasted effort. If you do follow up but generally take several weeks to do so, that can be just as bad. The longer you wait the less likely the recipient is to remember you. Keep those leads hot and follow up right away!

There are many components to making a direct mail campaign great! Check back next week to see more crucial components that are among the most common mistakes. As always, please click here to contact us at Allied to see how we can help with your direct mail campaign!

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