The Message – Build an Emotional Connection!


Marketing to Millennials isolated on white
Within any mailer, there are several components that have the ability to make or break a direct mail campaign. You might argue that the most important component is the message. While a consistent message is key, on its own, it won’t encourage the desired consumer to act. You need to find a way to develop an emotional connection with your prospective consumers.

The message is driven by a singular brand idea that audiences identify with (the emotional connection). That’s far from a traditional advertising concept. Below is an example of this idea with the results to prove its success.

Tetra Pak’s marketing pitch for their latest aseptic liquid container is a great example of building emotional connections. The new DreamCap design is a simple adjustment to reduce nose-to-container collisions, but that wasn’t the focus of the pitch.

Instead, Tetra Pak targeted Millennial brand managers by sending out a multi-dimensional direct mailer that showed managers how soup and smoothie drinkers can use the container to go on all kinds of adventures — doing fun outdoor activities.

Rather than focus on the product specifications, Tetra Pak offered the product as a solution to many Millennials’ needs.

The direct-mailer was unique, and decidedly integrated, by:
• Mimicking the style and feel of an Instagram feed in print
• Directing people to a content marketing portal filled with more design concepts, lifestyle illustrations and product features
• Implementing a follow up email marketing campaign

Building these connections worked! The company sent out only 72 sample kits, but by allowing the recipients to share access to the portal, this smart direct mail campaign garnered over 500 responses from the brand’s target audience.

When designing and writing copy for your next mailer, remember to build an emotional connection with your potential customer. Click here to contact us at Allied and to see how we can help!

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