Warmer Weather, and the Months Ahead!


In Michigan, we are no strangers to cold, brutal winters. We deal with snow on a regular basis and most of us consider it a part of our daily lives for 4 months of the year. That was up until a year ago, when the first “polar vortex” came around.

The first of Michigan’s many polar vortexes happened right around the time of New Years 2014, and the phenomenon returned this year with an even mightier punch. In its simplest form, the definition of a polar vortex is a large pocket of colder air that typically sits over the polar region but eventually makes its way to the lower parts of the northern hemisphere. Its name has become synonymous with jokes and Internet memes, and has been the topic of many news headlines since late November. We saw many consecutive days with record breaking sub-zero temperatures, and never thought we’d see the light of spring.

But finally, we feel it…warmer weather is on the way!

Across the United States, temperatures this week will begin to climb north of freezing for the first time in almost 2 months. In the metro-Detroit area, we can expect to see endless sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Rain may come into the mix later this week, but for the most part, it looks as though we can begin to welcome spring with open arms. It will be great weather for morning and evening walks, and hopefully most of the snow and slush will melt away. We may even begin to hear the birds chirping, indicating that warmer temperatures are indeed on the horizon. It is exciting news, and we cannot WAIT for it to stick.

At Allied, the coming months will be full of fresh energy. The installation of our new HP T300 Color Inkjet press is complete, we’re preparing our facility to welcome the HP Indigo 10000 in mere weeks, and the construction of our secure Digital Direct Mail center is in its final stages. We have so much to look forward to this spring (and so much to do!), and the warmer weather is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and interesting content. Happy (almost) Spring from all of us at Allied!

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