Top Ten Rethinks: Printers Are Only as Good as the Rep


Allied has always worked to provide a rich customer service experience. We don’t skimp on showing our customers great value for their money, and that applies to every facet of their projects. Many think that they might come to deal with just a single rep at a company like ours, but that is not the case.

With our commitment to delivering exceptional results, it’s necessary to think outside the box as it relates to supporting our account base. That’s the reason that for every face directly to client, Allied puts 4 behind them.

With our 5-Deep Approach, Allied’s rethinkers changing the way people experience print and customer service. From project initiation to completion, customers work directly with their main contact (their Account Executive), but there are also 4 key players who represent the critical Allied functions necessary to see projects to completion. This can include a variety of disciplines, such as our Customer Service team, representatives from our IT or data processing teams, our production management team, and Allied’s executive management team. We believe in transparency and guiding our customers the entire way through – and that means being accessible and accountable at all levels. We will go the extra mile to help our customers make informed decisions and to get them the answers and information they need.

Allied has the manpower to deliver unbelievable and awesome results. Our newly renovated, secure Digital Direct Mail center, with the HP T300 Continuous Inkjet Press and HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, means that we can deliver on most any project you can imagine. We believe in results, and that starts with giving our customers an experience unparalleled by any other.

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