Top Ten Rethinks: Print Takes Too Long


As rethinkers, we like to dispel myths – especially ones that pertain to our industry. So let’s focus on one of the most famous myths about printing – the perception that the process takes too long.

There once was a time when executing an entire campaign, including the production process from inception to delivery, could take weeks, if not longer. First the creative concepts, then sourcing the production, and ultimately the production process- it was consuming so much time on many levels, but not allowing enough valuable face time with the customer.

Well, that was then – and Allied is now.

Allied innovates not only in our work, but in the processes we use as well. Recent examples include the installation of our all-new high-speed HP T300 Color Inkjet press and construction of our secure Digital Direct Mail center. Allied’s data systems can speak to yours seamlessly, allowing for integration and automation of entire processes, streamlining steps to create efficiencies – transmission of data that previously had to be manually transmitted is now done in seconds and with minimal human intervention. Our suite of equipment and applications translates to marketing and creative efforts that are executed without hassle – and on time. The speed of our equipment allows us to keep up with the most rigorous of schedules – whether you need to produce invitations for an event or drop a direct mail campaign to drive traffic to a grand opening – we’re able to meet your needs.

We can test different graphics, different types of stock, and even different ways to execute your campaigns using A/B testing to make sure your message is most effective at campaign launch. This is just one example, but there are many more we can share with you if you give us all!

Team Allied is a strategic partner that can help determine which methods will achieve maximum success and ROI – all within your timeline.

We take our business seriously, and that is seen in our work each and every day. We’re rethinking ink, and we invite you to join us for the ride.


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