The Power of Color


You may not currently think about the way color influences you or your customers but that’s not to say it isn’t something to consider. Have you ever heard the terms “feeling blue” or “green with envy”? Color is proven to have a significant impact on mood, behavior and even stress levels.

Below are connections that have been found between color and mood, stress and behavior:

Green is restful for eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain. A good use of green is for your computer’s desktop, as it can help with eye strain if you’re in front of your screen for many hours.

Orange is a color of stimulation and enthusiasm; in fact, it has been scientifically proven to increase oxygen to the brain, which is why it associated with both of these feelings.

Black is seen as aggressive. This has been such the case in hockey that black has been banned as a home team jersey color for this reason. Researchers found that hockey teams wearing black were penalized significantly more often for penalties of aggression than when they were wearing white.

Grey is seen as passive and uninvolved. This is not the color to use if you want to promote action! If you must use grey, try using bright colors to offset these emotions in potential customers.

Red, of course, is the color of speed and passion. Red gets the blood pumping! It stimulates conversation and is often associated with excitement; this is the color to use when you want to promote action!

Blue is the opposite of red; it’s calming and conveys tranquility. Consumers also believe brands that use the color blue are generally dependable and strong.

If you’re marketing to a specific gender, the following information may also be helpful… Men prefer bright colors, while women prefer soft colors. Men also prefer shades of colors, while women prefer tints. One thing men and women have in common is their preference for the color blue – it is seen as a favorite color among both genders.

While it may be too late to consider the color choice of your brand, keep all of these things in mind when designing your next marketing campaign. You never know what a quick color change from grey to red can do for your response rates! For more information or to get started on your direct mail campaign, please contact us at

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