Print: A Growing Industry


Some people believe that printing is old school and that it will become obsolete due to the digital revolution. Without a doubt, our industry has seen changes, but a recent article proves the stated perceptions wrong.

Found on the industry monitor website Print Impressions, a recent article discusses the dramatic growth of commercial print. Calling it “a portrait of an industry back in bloom,” the article notes that commercial printers across the country have seen dramatic growth over the past few years in their business. The research was done using a survey created and administered by Semper International, one of the leading placement firms for the print industry. Here are some of the main takeaways from survey respondents:

– 60% of print companies showed sales growth over the past quarter.
– 85% of the companies who participated showed a more profitable fourth quarter in 2014 than ever before.
– 38% of the companies reported more investments in their technological capabilities, which was dramatically different from what had been reported in years past (up 37% from 2013).

Another interesting point the article made was how print companies across the nation feel about jobs and the general direction of the industry. The overwhelming consensus was that intense growth is expected, and many companies felt overwhelmingly positive about their “economic prospects” going into the New Year.

What does this mean for the print industry? Well, a whole lot. Just like the results shown above, we see good things for our industry in the year ahead. We’ve seen steady growth over the past few years, and the statistics up above reinforce our positive feelings. Print is not dead, but more alive than ever!

Team Allied sees the future, and we’re rethinking ink. We see opportunity. Our efforts to remain industry leaders and innovators give our clients more options than ever before. We will continue to investment to ensure that Allied continues to grow, as we believe in the power of print.

For more information, be sure to visit Print Impressions for all the latest industry happenings.


Credit to Print Impressions for the paraphrased information given in this post. For more information, be sure to visit their website, as well as the specific article link up above.

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