Measuring Your Marketing Campaign’s Success


When it comes to our line of work, Allied likes to challenge the status quo and rethink the conventional way of doing things. We strive to be innovators and develop strategies and new techniques that set us apart from our competitors in the print industry. In doing so, we’ve helped our customers achieve their marketing goals and improve the effectiveness of their communications.

One challenge we commonly face is how to relay our story of “rethinking” to our customers. Most of the time, they come to us with a problem and we provide a solution. How though, can we ensure they are getting what they need – maximum ROI? Well, there is more than one way to look at this. In fact, there are many!

A recent article in Marketing Land discusses this topic at great length, focusing on “key performance indicators for success,” and giving a little bit background on how each indicator can be utilized to measure the value, ability, and overall performance of a marketing campaign when it comes to its strategy. And while the authors are mainly focused on web-based initiatives, we decided to give a few examples with an Allied twist.

1. Brand

From a web perspective, the article describes this style of measuring success as increased visits and awareness to a brand’s website. The actual technique includes paid and direct search traffic measurements – basically, tracking who is visiting the website and how frequently. Think of it this way: are the customers engaging regularly with your brand?

Allied says: Put your brand in the forefront of whatever medium you are using. Make sure that your message is enticing enough to lead customers where YOU want them to go. From a printer’s perspective, utilize test runs to see how many physical responses you get. From there, create a full-fledged, tailored program.

2. Content

Are you engaging the customer with your content? Is the customer reading and absorbing the information on your website? The tried and true method for measurement includes measuring the conversion rate (how many prospects become actual customers).

Allied says: Make it engaging, make it fun, and make it relatable. If your customer can’t see where you want them to go or make sense of your train of thought, then how will they become a part of your new customer base? Be sure to invite them with content that resonates and leaps off the page. Test different content in mailers to see which gets the best response. Happy tracking!

3. Channel

How are you driving sales – which methods are you using to get the word out? This can be measured via your total sales minus your direct sales related to that specific channel.

Allied says: We love this one – engage across as many channels as plausible. We recommend using unique combinations to make sure your branding efforts and name are reaching the customer. Use direct mail in batches; use a mix of different media, and get your name to the steps of your customers’ doorsteps quickly and efficiently.

Whatever direction you choose, Allied has the know-how when it comes to getting the most value for your dollar. Whichever metric you aim to utilize in order to measure your marketing effectiveness, we will help to deliver a solid foundation that sets you up for great success.

Credit goes to author Benny Blum for the insightful article highlighted here today. For more information, be sure to visit their website at

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