Managing Your Marketing Strategy


With so many ways to engage and reach new customers, marketers often rely on strategies that simplify their daily lives. Many turn to automated techniques using online resources meant to reach their customers, or they might use what has been termed the “spray and pray” technique, which is meant to cast a wide net out to a vast sea of “potential” customers. While there are so many unique ways to approach a marketing strategy, there are some important things to keep in mind in order to ensure your plan-of-attack doesn’t go awry.

A recent article on addresses the need for marketers to keep a close eye on their strategy and efforts. The article, titled “Your Marketing Automation Reality Check: Calculating the Costs of Misuse,” gives useful information on simple yet potentially costly mistakes marketers might make in the midst of a campaign. Below are a couple of helpful guidelines to keep in mind from campaign inception to completion to ensure your comprehensive marketing efforts aren’t misguided.

1. “Email Marketing Only – Burning Cash for Warmth”

Even though many people are turning to the Internet as a key component of their marketing tactics, it is NOT the be-all, end-all. Author Andrew Moravick suggests evaluating the true costs of your online efforts, because you could be overpaying for something that really isn’t as effective as a multi-channel campaign. The Rethinkers suggest assessing the true value of your digital campaign and considering the positive impact of incorporating data-driven print solutions as part of a multi-channel approach to your target audience. This may help close any gaps that exist.

2. “Ignoring Reports & Analytics – ‘The Good Advice You Just Didn’t Take’”

Both seasoned and new marketers should pay attention to, and make sense of, their numbers and adjust accordingly! Marketers may think they know the way into the arms of their customers, but while data doesn’t lie, “gut instinct” can lead you astray. Having a good understanding of the analytics of your marketing campaigns can help you adjust your tactics to make sure you achieve your campaign goals. A method once proven to retain customers might need to be overhauled, and even penetrating a newfound customer base can be read in your response rates. The main takeaway? Use your analytics and use them wisely!

3. “No Lead Scoring or Lead Nurturing – Are You In Denial of Empowered Buyers?”

Communication and follow through – make sure you are keeping your customer happy! There are many ways to look at this piece of advice depending on your line of business. When it comes to new business, don’t spend so much energy developing your next “lead” that you leave your existing clients at the wayside. Demonstrate to your existing customers that you value their business. Build a relationship with new customers to ensure satisfaction, and don’t let your marketing efforts subside if or when they are retained. Existing customer relationships often lead to referrals and new opportunities.

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Credit to business2community for the article highlighted here today. For more information, be sure to visit the link posted above.

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