Direct Mail: the Trustworthy Choice


As a direct mailer, we challenge our customers to evaluate how they’re using direct mail as a part of their marketing strategy, and to see if they can use it to achieve better results. There are many who believe direct mail is a tool of the past, that it is old school or a dying breed; however, data continues to prove the relevance and effectiveness of direct mail. Why does direct mail continue to get results for marketers?

One word: trust.

In a recent article on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website entitled “4 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Instead of Email Marketing,” contributor Craig Simpson gives compelling and insightful reasons why companies should re-evaluate the tried and true method of direct mail marketing. He gives interesting insight and breaks down the argument to its simplest form by conveying the sense of trust direct mail elicits in customers. Here are a few of his points:

1. Personal touch

Simpson acknowledges that adding a personal touch can make all the difference to a direct mail piece. “Direct mail is all about talking directly to your prospects” he says, and continues to note that digital media can be too distracting and impersonal. Consumers are more likely to trust and react to a message in a physical piece of mail, which means increased ROI and potential new-customer acquisition.

2. Increased trust

This point is particularly interesting, and should be a key takeaway for all marketers. Because of security concerns, email marketing is viewed as riskier and often fraudulent – think spam or junk mail. With direct mail, it’s simple and hassle free – with few, if any, repercussions to the person who opens the mail. Unlike email, there is no concern of phishing or opening a file with a virus. The risk of raising suspicion among potential customers is limited, especially since the choice to open the mail is literally put in the recipient’s hands.

We like these points brought up in Simpson’s article and encourage marketers to refer to these ideals when creating their marketing campaigns. The notion of trust conjured by direct mail is unique to this proven media. Couple this knowledge with direct mail’s historically higher response rates and it is a tactic that can’t be ignored.

Allied is rethinking ink, and that often means changing the perception of those who think print is dead. We believe in the power of direct mail marketing and have the expertise, know-how, and equipment necessary to work with you to take your marketing efforts to the next level.


Credit to Entrepreneur Magazine for the article quoted and paraphrased here today. For more information and insight, be sure to visit the link up above.

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