Direct Mail: Driving Brand Loyalty


Direct mail is the right choice for those seeking to engage with their customer. A cost effective method that can be specifically targeted at your selected group or audience, direct mail makes a lasting impact that is undeniable. Nowadays, many companies are turning to direct mail because of its ability to forge a connection with customers. Direct mail can drive digital and physical foot traffic, and can be customized with the highest amount of craft and precision.

A recent article from the Huffington Post discusses how direct mail can “enrich” the customer journey and drive online sales and retention. Contributing author Ernan Roman, a prominent direct marketer, gives a great deal of insight into the effectiveness of direct mail in the highly competitive consumer environment. His research shows how direct mail is playing a leading role in today’s modern digital world, and how it is actually creating opportunity for companies seeking to connect with their online customers at a deeper, more lasting level. He notes that many companies are switching from purely email-driven campaigns to more catalogues and targeted data-driven direct mail. Here are a few short examples from Roman’s piece.

1) Bonobos, a popular men’s retailer, tested a direct mail catalogue versus an online campaign. The company found that their catalogues were much more engaging than any email ever sent out. “Now, 20% of Bonobos’ first-time customers are placing their orders after receiving a catalog. And, they spend 1.5 times as much as new (email customers).”

2) Anthropologie, a popular women’s clothing and lifestyle brand, prefers to use catalogues instead of email. Roman notes that this company ONLY uses direct mailers instead of online mediums. Their CMO said that this is because the results were there, but that it’s also a tactic used “more to inspire and engage” with their broad consumer base.

Roman notes the value of direct mail on customer engagement as the best offering of all. He writes, “Analyzing customer’s lifetime value will enable you to develop personalized mailings for specific points in their customer journey, thus building loyalty and purchases throughout their lifecycle.”

We could not agree more. Direct mail has the ability to connect the lines that do not exist with digital marketing. The tangible connection of touching a mailer, coupled with the ability to specifically target your expected growth audience means a very high and likely return on investment. Direct mail is not just a piece of paper, but rather a way to build relationships and a sense of trust between the consumer and business.

The rethinkers at Allied believe in the power of direct mail. Our investments in technology, like the HP T300 Continuous Inkjet and HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press allow us to create mailing campaigns from start to finish, all with the highest amount of finesse and precision. We even have the ability to do test runs and pilot campaigns, keeping in line with our ability to craft the perfectly tailored direct mail campaign. For more information or general inquiries, be sure to visit our website and social media pages.

Credit to Huffington Post for the article and examples quoted here in this post.

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