Direct Mail: Adding Dimension


Many brands that made decisions to use digital media to reach their customer base are rethinking the role that direct mail plays in their marketing strategy. Research has shown that direct mail is more likely to produce positive results; in fact, According to Nielsen Research, nearly 90% of consumers say they want to receive print marketing collateral related to promotions and sales vs. digital media. Why do consumers prefer print media, and why is it generally more effective than digital media? One driving reason is that the dimension and tactile nature of direct mail encourage interaction with the recipient, enhancing its effectiveness.

In a recent article on Direct Marketing News, author Eric Krell divulges the secrets behind some of the country’s most successful direct mail campaigns. A common element among each of these campaigns was amount of thought put into the campaign; they were either awe-inspiring and jaw dropping in their presentation, or were revamped from a previously unsuccessful attempt to win over customers. The main takeaway was that each company utilized direct mail in an incredibly smart and targeted way. They used customer data and creative ideas to drive sales and new business.

Krell gives multiple micro-case studies of specifically targeted campaigns that used beautifully crafted mailers aimed to attract attention. The first case study comes from a company called CSG Invotas, a B2B cybersecurity firm that created a 3-D mailer evoking the image of a spider with the tagline “Lie, Cheat, and Deceive.” This was sent to companies across the country, and while the rep that gave the interview won’t confirm or deny the success, the company acknowledges that it has paid off “tremendously.”

The next example is one that shows how rethinking a past methodology can yield tremendous results. JCPenney added dimension to its marketing efforts by rebooting the once lengthy and famous catalogs. The new catalogs are much slimmer and are designed to drive digital traffic to the retailer’s website. JCPenney used “comprehensive data analysis” and consumer information to target each catalog version to a very specific audience. With this revival, the company notes a potential ‘$800 million” sales opportunity which they consider a great success.

Allied is always looking for creative and inspiring ways that direct mail can add dimension to our customers’ marketing efforts. Our team of direct mail experts can help you create and execute a campaign that is multi-dimensional, thought provoking, and awe-inspiring. Depending on the data you have available, we can even pinpoint the customer groups most likely to act upon your direct mail – increasing ROI and driving dollars to your bottom line. If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact us today at To read the complete article in Direct Marketing News, please click here.

Credit to Direct Marketing News for the article highlighted in today’s post.

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