CES: The Future of 3D Print


There is no doubt that the technological revolution is one that is alive and well. We’ve seen innovation spread through all areas of our daily lives over the last several years, to the extent that it is now the new normal. An interesting innovation in the print industry is the growth of 3D print technology. 3D printing has been gaining popularity over the last five years in particular, and the technology evolves as more people show interest. We’ve covered it in blogs of the past, as it something that can’t be ignored; 3D printing is truly a game changer!

At this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, many from all walks of life converged upon the famous tech trade show in order to see the latest and greatest in technological advancement. Companies ranging from car companies to camera makers came to show their latest innovations during the show’s January 6th-9th run. One interesting addition to this year’s show was a pavilion dedicated specifically to 3D Print. An article on Tech Republic discussed this year’s upcoming trends; here are some of the ones we found the most fascinating:

1. A Shift In Materials –

Reporter Lyndsey Gilpin noted the changes and additions in materials used for 3D printers. She noted that many suppliers will start to use more resourceful items like wood and metal, as well as more composite materials like carbon fiber and nylon. This change gives 3D printers more applicable uses and helps reduce the current cost of this newly minted technology.

2. A Focus On Small Business –

Something that is near and dear to the business community – Gilpin notes that 3D printers will become more accessible to smaller businesses that show a need. Smaller sized versions of printers will be available for manufacturing companies; 3D printers will allow manufacturers to create replacement parts quickly, all with the precision and craft they require.

Because we are in the print industry, we love to hear about innovative and surprising trends. We appreciate the creativity in how print can be utilized, as it is something we impart into our work methodology every day. We’re rethinking ink and are helping our customers to see print in whole new light. Just like 3D print has been gaining popularity, we see the same positive future for our world of print – the future is very, very bright!

For more information on what happened at CES, be sure to visit the show’s website to see more about all the latest tech happenings. Also, be sure to browse our corporate website and social media pages for more info on Allied.

All credit goes to Tech Republic for the insightful article mentioned here. Be sure to visit their website for more interesting posts and stories on the latest tech happenings.

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