Big Data: A Wealth of Information


Consumer Data – it’s a resource that many companies are looking to to better leverage and improve the relevancy of their marketing messages and ultimately positively impact the return on their investment. For those who don’t quite understand this term, it’s best to think of it in its simplest form: data implies quantities of information about people and their habits, and it can be tracked for any significant amount of time.

Data comes in many forms (personal information such as name and address, purchasing history information, demographic information, etc), and marketers often use it to bridge a personal connection between the customer and their business. Big data suggests larger, more substantial quantities of information that companies might find overwhelming to understand and utilize; big data includes the data referenced above, in addition to information relating to how consumers behave online – their internet search histories, sites they visit, YouTube channels they watch, etc. Many companies might even track the amount of time spent on certain web pages, or track the rate at which it takes a person to get to a specific page (called the mouse-click rate). So much is collected that it truly can seem daunting for those who want use big data for their own personal gain. But a recent article shows that put to good use, big data can help marketers find exactly what they are looking for.

Posted on SmartDataCollective, an online data community website, the article titled “How Big Data is For Marketers” gives many interesting case studies and examples of how companies across the globe are harnessing the power of their data. Author Larisa Bedgood provides interesting insight and know-how into the seemingly complex world of big data. She notes many growing trends for applying data in an appropriate manner, and gives links to many online communities (like this one on LinkedIn) for those who want to share their experience with data.

Though there are many interesting facts, here are some of the most thought-provoking takeaways we found:

1. Did you know that most of the world’s data was created within the past two years? This fascinating fact comes from IBM, and the article also notes that over “8 zettabytes of data will be created in 2015.”

2. Bedgood notes that many companies in both the automotive and retail industries are using big data tools to leverage their knowledge of both old and new customers. It allows them to study shopping habits, tailor sales and promotional offers based on prior spending history, and better maintain the relationship between customer and salesperson.

3. Big data can help marketers create mailing lists that deliver results by analytically showing who might be the most effective targets for a certain product or promotion. Because of the complexities and ways in which you can assess big data, this allows marketers the opportunity to view their data in multiple ways. It can allow more creativity when developing a campaign, as well the chance to find those prospects that have greater value to you and your cause.

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Credit to SmartDataCollective for the information shared here today. For more information, please be sure to visit the link as posted up above.

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