Attaining the Perfect Work-Life Balance


Each year in January, people around the world welcome the new year with an often lengthy list of goals and resolutions. Common resolutions include eating healthier, working out more, and changing old habits into new ones. But, what is one of most common among working professionals – one that combines both personal and professional life style changes? The answer: having a better work-life balance.

In a recent TIME Magazine article, editor Cali Williams Yost discusses this seemingly simple task. She notes how many people find it hard to discern between the fine line of work and home life, and how people struggle separating the growing demands of the two lives working professionals lead.

Yost calls those who naturally understand how to balance work and life “naturals,” and describes them as a unique niche group of individuals who are able to create boundaries with ease and without sacrifice. She gives examples of how these people accept all that life throws at them; they are capable of making decisions without stretching themselves too thin and are always mindful of their personal lives. It is a small, unique population that has been studied over the years, and some of their secrets are presented below.

Yost’s most important takeaway was that “naturals” have shown that prioritizing with separate calendars and lists can lead to better time management. Many popular platforms like Gmail and iCloud offer unique features than can help those looking to achieve better balance prioritize their tasks and make their time spent at work more efficient so as to not blur the lines between work and home lives. She suggests that people looking to make a change explore these options, as it may help them keep perspective on what’s important for both the work and the home life.

Besides creating specific lists for both work and home-related tasks, here are some other tips and best practices Team Allied suggests to create a better work-life balance:

Color-code your calendar. Especially if you use one single platform for both home and work, this will help to create those boundaries discussed above.
If you have a smart phone, check for (or download) an app for to-do lists and reminders – and then USE IT! You can set timers so that you won’t forget to do certain tasks or lose track of time. This is especially helpful for making sure you accomplish all that you want to during the course of a day.
Take small breaks throughout the day. If you notice yourself getting overwhelmed with work, take a moment to walk around the office, or stop what you are doing altogether. It will help reduce mental fatigue and keep you focused; the same goes for doing tasks at home.

For more information, be sure to check out the link to the article up above.

Credit to TIME Magazine for the article, written on January 6th, 2015.

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