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Just last week, Allied was featured in an industry article by InfoTrends. A leader in consulting for printing and digital creative resources, InfoTrends highlighted the recent changes happening at Allied in an article titled, “Reinventing Your Business: It’s about Telling Your Story!”

The article’s goal was to promote companies who have become “digital innovators” in their fields. The method in which each of these firms changed the game? Through retelling their story and creating a new narrative for their customers – a sort-of reinvention of their brand identity. The author notes that it is an interesting perspective for companies to take, as those exemplified in the article were commended for conveying to their customers how their image has changed. The anecdotes provided show how the companies (Allied included) created a fresh new face for themselves, which helps customers of all types relate better and see a new value in their services. Other examples included a direct mailing firm who revamped their tagline, as well as printing company in Utah who overhauled their online presence. These companies are now offering their customers a fresh take on how they see their business in the landscape of competitors.

For Allied, the authors note how our new tagline (Rethink Ink) and website have transformed the image of an old-school print shop. No longer are we the printing company of the past, but the printing innovator of the future. Our investments in technology, such as the HP T300 Continuous Inkjet and HP Indigo 10000 Digital press have helped catapult our image to the top. The article credits Allied as being the top print resource in the State of Michigan because of our expanded and improved capabilities and innovation. It is something that we are extremely proud of, and we’re thankful for the recognition.

Allied is changing the way people see print. We’re rethinking ink and we believe in the power of the printed word. We see opportunity and innovation where others might not; we invite you to challenge any preconceived notions you may have about print, and contact us to discuss how we can help you Rethink Ink.


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InfoTrends Article

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